Our Protection caps help to protect your head from scatter radiation. We stock two different kinds of Protection Caps; a stretch cap that uses elastic to fit your head, or a tie cap that you simply tie at the back to tighten.

The shin guards offer long bone (leg) protection. They come standard with velcro straps for easy adjustment. Closure by Velcro straps. We also provide two styles, of which one has the option to cover the upper section of your feet.

RadSafe Thyroid Collars are available in three distinct styles to cater for a wide range of wearer's preferences. Available in any of our full selection of fabrics and trims, these thyroid collars will not only offer superior protection against radiation but look stylish at...

The back relief belt is constructed of neoprene bonded elastic. It features high quality components so that it does not lose elasticity. The belt also features a non-slip adjustable buckle to ensure a secure fit. The back relief belt attaches separately from the apron.

Rad Safes 100pk disposable thyroid covers are designed to cover your RadSafe thyroid collars and protect them and yourself from all manners of substance.

Please note: The cover is only suitable for the RadSafe "New Style" Thyroid Collar.