The RadSafe Urology Apron is a front apron designed to allow maximum comfort and protection while in a seated position. The three-flap design makes it perfect during urological procedures.

The Surgical Drop-Away Apron is designed to be removed as quickly as possible after a surgical procedure. Detaching the two straps on the sides is all it takes for the apron to come free. This apron also features shoulder straps which allows a second person to hold the...

The RadSafe Tie Apron is our simplest front-only apron design, featuring a waist strap that can be tightened to suit the wearer. Like all our aprons the Tie Apron comes with a choice of three Thyroid Collars.

The RadSafe Buckle Apron utlises a buckle fastener around the waist of the wearer. It is a front-only apron with waist straps that can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit depending on the wearer’s preference.

The RadSafe Back Support apron features an elasticized belt which significantly repositions the apron’s weight from the wearer’s shoulders to their lower back. The Back Support Apron is our most ergonomic front-only apron. The wide elastic belt spreads the weight...

The RadSafe Vest and Skirt Apron is our standard two-piece, full apron. It offers protection front and back and the two piece design makes it easier for the wearer to rotate their upper body separately from their legs. The weight is also distributed across the body more...

The RadSafe Maternity Apron is designs for pregnant wearer’s. It features a waist strap which can be tied at the front for maximum flexibility. This apron comes with a half apron which is worn underneath the front flap for further protection.

The RadSafe Smock Apron is a full apron which fastens along the two sides with hook-and-loop straps, making it easy to put on and remove. The Smock Apron also comes with a choice of three Thyroid Collars.

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