We are pleased to announce that this RadSafe garment features our newly designed thyroid collar shape. Based on feedback we received from the people wearing our garments every day, we’ve made some minor but important changes to the shape of our thyroid collars. This new design is more anotomically fitting and more comfortable to wear.

ThyroidCollarNew RadSafe® personal radiation protective apparel and eye wear is setting new standards in innovative and reliable protection for healthcare professionals around the world.

This new thyroid collar shape is designed to sit more flush with the wearer’s body, provide extra freedom of neck movement, and offer the same standard of quality and performance you expect from all RadSafe products.

Do you have feedback?

RadSafe is designed and made here in Australia and we are always looking for ways to provide a better product and service. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please do not hesitate to share it wish us.

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