About RadSafe

Australian Made Radiation Protection

ContactUsImage The RadSafe brand embodies all that we are and everything we believe in. Our brand values include loyalty, growth, energy, integrity and teamwork.

RadSafe personal radiation protective apparel and eye wear is setting new standards in innovative and reliable protection for healthcare professionals around the world. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, RadSafe aprons are available in a number of ergonomic and gender-specific designs and in a full range of sizes to maximise flexibility and comfort. This means that, if required, RadSafe aprons may be safely and comfortably worn more frequently, or for longer periods. Of course, users are also able to choose from a number of protective material and lead equivalency options for reliable protection - first time, every time.

To compliment our protective apparel ranges and help users get the most from their investment, RadSafe also provides a variety of support products, tools, services and value-added benefits. RadSafe aprons, for instance, are ideal for use with RadTrack®, our online apparel management system. Equally, our RadStore® storage products and RadFresh® cleaning and care solutions are purpose-built for use with our apparel and will help users get years more use.

RadSafe is part of the Imaging Solutions group of companies. Imaging Solutions was established in 1992 and the company expanded its core distribution business through the acquisition and creation of a number of bolt-on enterprises such that combined, the organisation has over 45 years of history in supporting the Australian and New Zealand medical imaging industry. Today, Imaging Solutions and RadSafe operate internationally and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.